Conditions of participation

The “Snap the pallet” photo contest is organised by the European Pallet Association e. V. (EPAL). This photo contest is an international competition.
The contest concerns the submission of photos of EPAL Euro pallets. The photos are to show the versatility of EPAL Euro pallets in both logistics and other everyday situations. The subjects and situations shown in the photos may not be digitally modified or manipulated. Phototechnical optimisation such as correction of tone, contrast, sharpness etc. is permissible.

The “Snap the pallet” photo contest starts on 1st April 2024 and ends on 20th June 2024.
Photos submitted before or after these dates will not be considered. EPAL reserves the right to modify the conditions of the contest or to suspend the photo contest or to end it early if this is necessary for urgent objective reasons.

Participation is restricted to natural persons over the age of 18. EPAL employees and members of the selection committee as well as persons involved in the conception and fulfilment of the contest may not take part in the photo contest.

Participation in the photo contest is by means of uploading a photo and submission of all the required information.
Each participant is obliged to provide his or her true name (first name and surname) and email address when submitting the photo. Participants are also to provide the place and date the photo was taken.
Participants’ personal data will only be saved and used by EPAL for identification purposes and for the purposes of the photo contest. Participants agree that their name will be stated when the photo is published in the photo contest gallery or when the photo is published elsewhere by EPAL. Participants also agree that EAPL may send emails to the email address provided by participants providing these emails concern the photo contest. EPAL may not use this email address for any other purposes or pass this email address on to a third party for purposes other than the fulfilment of the photo contest.

All participants are entitled to submit photos they have taken themselves. By submitting a photo, participants declare that they are the sole originator of the submitted photo, have unrestricted copyright and rights of use of the photo, and that the photo is free of third-party rights. If the photo shows people who can be identified, participants declare that by submitting the photo all the shown and identifiable people agree that EPAL may publish the photo and that this publication does not infringe any third-party property rights.

By participating in the EPAL photo contest, the participants transfer a simple, irrevocable and perpetual right of use of the photo to EPAL and EPAL member associations. The right of use specifically covers the right of EPAL and its member associations to use the photo as part of the photo contest and other public relations and advertising activities. The right of use includes any type of publication including on the internet and in social networks, in publications and in any form of reporting on the activities of EPAL. In these cases, EPAL is not obliged to give the name of the participant who submitted the photo. Any further commercial use requires the specific agreement of the participant.

This transfer of the right of use includes the participant’s consent to the editing of the photo submitted by him or her (image cropping and other photo-technical or artistic optimisation) and EPAL’s right to publish and use the edited photo. The submitted photo is published free of charge. Participants have no right to demand payment of remuneration for the publication or further use of the photo they submitted.

EPAL is entitled to include the name of the participant when publishing the photo in the photo contest gallery provided the participant has not specifically stated that his or her name may not be published.

Photos submitted will be published in the photo contest gallery once their content has been checked. Participants have no right to publication.
Photos which do not meet the requirements of Item 1 and/or whose content EPAL judges to be racist, pornographic, promoting violence or which infringe rights or are defamatory for other reasons or which do not correspond to EPAL’s values will not be published and will not be considered for any prize. These photos will be excluded from the contest and will be deleted. This also applies to photos where a third party’s rights of use exist. Senders will not be informed that the photo submitted by them has been deleted.

The winning photos will be selected by a committee put together by EPAL. This committee will select the most beautiful or most original images and will determine who receives the prizes.
A cash prize of EUR 150.00 and two cash prizes of EUR 50.00 will be awarded each week. At the end of the photo contest, a main prize of EUR 1,000.00 and two further prizes of EUR 500.00 will be selected from all the submitted photos. If the cash prize is subject to tax, this is the responsibility of the winner. EPAL will not reimburse any taxes.
Winners will be identified on the EPAL website with their photo and will be informed by email together with a request to send a reply for the purpose of transferring the prize money. Winners who do not reply within 14 days of notification forfeit the right to be paid the prize money. In this case, EPAL is entitled to select a new winner. Participants who have not won will not be sent a separate notification.
There is no recourse to legal process.

Participants can withdraw from the photo contest at any time by notifying EPAL.
The notification must be in writing (email, letter, fax etc.). The notification of withdrawal is to be sent to:

European Pallet Association e. V.
Wahlerstrasse 28 | 40472 Düsseldorf | Germany
Tel: +49 211 98 480 48-0

Withdrawal from participation in the photo contest revokes the storage of personal data. EPAL will delete all of the participant’s personal data immediately.
In the case of withdrawal, EPAL will delete the submitted photo, apart from photos which have been selected and published as winning photos before receipt of the withdrawal. In the event of photos being used for other purposes (see Item 5 above), EPAL will refrain from further use with immediate effect from receipt of the withdrawal. EPAL may continue with uses which are already in progress. EPAL is not obliged to delete or revoke in any other way publication which has been completed or commenced before receipt of the withdrawal.

EPAL refutes any liability towards participants with respect to their participation in the photo contest unless any damage to the participants is due to malice or gross negligence on the part of EPAL. In the event of any legal disputes between EPAL and a participant in the photo contest, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany will apply. Court of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf.

By submitting a photo, participants agree to abide by the conditions of participation given in Items 1-11.

Düsseldorf, 28th March 2024